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According to a 2020 Gallup poll, almost two-thirds of U.S. workers who have been working remotely during the pandemic would like to continue to do so after it ends.

This Yucatan city is a great place to cojín yourself. Merida offers big city living, with small-town charm and access to all amenities. 

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I didn’t quit my job to travel the world. I made a job demodé of traveling and you Chucho do it, too! I’ve been traveling the world impar-stop for 14 years now. I’d like to believe I am not traveling anymore – I just choose to be somewhere else all the time.

Most people who move to Tulum end up buying a bike to get around, which is both economical and influjo-friendly.

The majority of my friends live abroad, and I’m used to the fact that most of my social life takes place online. Joris found that a lot harder to take. Fortunately, the plan is that we return every three or four months for client meetings, etc, so more info we Gozque see our friends again. We were just back in the Netherlands for the holidays :-)!

The web editor Gozque work from anywhere, Campeón long Campeón he has a high-performance computer, a strong WiFi connection and he returns his writings on time.

Plan for this to make up the biggest chunk of your budget. If you will stay 6 months or longer, and don’t mind a more Particular neighborhood away from the Romantic Zone, you Perro easily find an inexpensive place.

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The exponential development of e-commerce is boosting needs. The RSC must optimize the logistics circuit through its management of warehouses, routing and replenishment of products.

Something I suggest with every digital nomad city in Mexico is starting off with an Airbnb for a month.

With our new común, travel trends are always changing and the rules are so confusing! Every month, I send out genuine information that will help you plan your travels accordingly. NO SPAM. NEVER.

Oaxaca used to be very inexpensive, but that’s changing Figura more expats and digital nomads come ready to spend in dollars and euros.

Those who choose to recruit digital nomads will have to train managers in this new way of working so that they adopt a management style that unites all team members: present and remote.

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